Pay-per-use energy management solutions for the material handling industry

Power guaranteed is possible in material handling

Operation managers would rather focus on delivering their beneficial outcomes rather than managing battery systems. UgoWork’s Power Guaranteed is a commitment to eliminating the limitations of legacy infrastructure.

Built for the most demanding applications


3PL and warehousing


Food and beverage


Cold storage






Wholesale and distribution

A better battery is just the start

UgoWork energy experts and customer success team analyze usage per truck over time, lift pedal time, kWh consumption, temperature monitoring, and battery state of health and provide the operational reports and data needed to optimize your truck fleet.


A charging technology that just makes sense

The UgoWork charging infrastructure is engineered to meet the needs of fast-paced warehouse and distribution centers. It features a universal automotive-grade charging connector that powers all battery models regardless of voltage.


A proactive expertise you can rely on at all time

We are taking service to the next level with a proactive approach and guaranteed uptime. Our energy experts monitor the batteries in the field 24/7 and handle any onsite intervention, resulting in reduced downtime for our customers.


Energy as a Service plans: Power Guaranteed

Our flexible pay-for-performance plans are designed for your operations. Not the other way around. Our programs allow for a transition to lithium without high initial costs, plus the flexibility to adapt to change in your  operations.

Energy to keep you moving


A future where you spend more time moving products and less time worrying about forklift batteries.

Charging technology

Proactive expertise

Financial flexibility


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Power guaranteed for your Class I, Class II and Class III industrial trucks


1. Do lithium-ion batteries need maintenance?

It is safe to say that any piece of equipment will require maintenance at some point. Although lithium technology requires less maintenance than lead-acid technology, the battery remains an object with embedded electronics. Whether it’s firmware updates, component failures can also occur due to intense use. You should also look out for the end of life of the lithium pack. At UgoWork, rigorous monitoring of core vitals and proactive maintenance is part of our Energy as a Service plans to ensure uptime for our clients.

2. What does no capital investment mean? How does it work?

The UgoWork solution comes with no capital investment as it is a pure OPEX option that frees up CAPEX for core projects. UgoWork Energy as a Service is an opportunity to shift to an operating expense model where all firmware and software upgrades come with the service. It is rental for as long as you need it. Our solution is designed to evolve with our customer’s needs. Another perk of Energy as a Service through the lithium-pack rental means that customers will benefit from a battery pack replacement when the battery reaches its end-of-service life, which translates into energy savings, with no compromise on performance.

3. What is the typical service life of a UgoWork battery?

Our energy experts monitor the state of performance of the battery. As part of our uptime guaranteed promise to our customers, we provide a replacement lithium pack when required. Typical service life is about five years for a typical 2000h application. This offer is part of our Energy as a Service plans, so there is no extra cost for the replacement pack.